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Since day One, we have focused on one thing: Really intense flavours. And we have done this always by sheer effort to caramelise, reduce, smoke, brine, cure, inject, pressure cook, de-stem, age and cleverly blend many ingredients for great depth of flavour. All done in-house.
We even caramelise onions, mushrooms and onions etc for hours. We even reduce the stock from ten kilograms of lobster heads to just 1 kilogram (costing us about 100 dollars for that 1kg). We even spend hours butchering meat to produce very few servings of meat. We even cure fruits for two weeks to one month to make our own Limoncello and other liqueurs……You get the idea.
Most dishes are the result of multiple stages of extremely labourious, careful preparation and hardly any restaurant does that anymore. Most will find a shortcut if possible.
So while literally anyone can impress by using expensive ingredients, anyone can plate prettily, only real restaurants do what we do and though it may not look like it (how does one see effort?), you will be able to taste the difference.

It is also this good old fashioned focus on cooking and not simply the conventional wisdom of focusing on ingredients, that makes us unique.




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