Hey guys, have you tried our Super Strip (striploin steak)? It is probably the yummiest, juiciest steak you ever had and NO SAUCE is needed!

Now, you can have it at your own home at nearly half the price. Just order our raw and SPECIALLY SEASONED Super Strip and prepare yourself for a piece of heaven. Our special seasoning makes all the difference in the world and makes the steak truly savoury; just salt it properly ok?

Salt brings out the sweetness of the steak. Strange but true. I like to grind a spot on the plate and cut and dip the steak. This way, you are guaranteed to get enough salt on each piece. This is what I tell my restaurant customers to do and they love it!

From $16.90 for 200g. This is delivered raw and chilled; please don’t freeze.

Remember, we deliver free to your door for only $100/- spent. If you don’t have our price list, please do email me at pastajohn90041800@gmail.com and I’ll send it over.