Hey guys, here’s another labour of love from Pasta J Asian. A mountain of onions slowly sautéed till caramelised and only a small heap is left. This literally takes hours!

Then, the marrow and scraps of meat and cartilage from large pork
bones and home/handmade made pork meatballs are added.

Say, you guys know that we butcher our own pork and mince it ourselves right? No flour, no starch or other binders ok? Then we handform them and I counted….I can only handform 150 meatballs in 2.5hours – just rolling the meatballs……and we give 15 of them a pack………..stupid right?

The taste is tangy, sweet and savoury with luscious onions and crunchy cartilage. Oh my………….!

At $21.90 per pack for 3-4 servings and no water is needed, we even give you the pork bone stock!!!!