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From our humble beginnings selling home-made soups and sauces at events, to running our own coffee shop stalls for 10 months, we’ve come a long way without any prior training or experience.

All along the way, we taught ourselves to cook by close observation, logical thinking, experimentation and a good dose of imagination.

We faced many, many challenges like you won’t believe and by sheer dint of hard work, some luck and determination, we managed to pull ahead of the competition.

We put in ridiculous amounts of effort to prepare our food and we like the slightly unusual recipes that still retain a level of comfortable familiarity.

When you dine with us, you will enjoy food that is not restricted by cuisine styles, tradition, dogmas or ingredients and yet, you will find that the flavours and textures come together sensibly and hopefully, deliciously.

Pasta J is always evolving, so do return from time to time and we’ll probably have something new and tasty to share.



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